This is an amazing stage illusion. A spectator is asked to borrow a watch which is wrapped in a handkerchief and then placed on a wooden table. In fact, on stage the audience sees a fine wooden table with a checkered pattern on the top. The magician explains that, paradoxically, he would like to auction off the lady's watch for a moment. He then takes a wooden hammer and begins to ask the public for bids for the precious item, banging the hammer on the table for each bid, being careful not to hit the clock. At the third bid, it is explained that the auction closes and when for the third time the hammer hits the table it breaks and falls into pieces on the floor.

The magician retrieves the handkerchief from the ground and the watch has disappeared. A gift is now brought on stage and upon opening it the magician takes out a small cloth bundle. Inside there is a paper package and once the seals have been removed you can see that there is a colored satin ribbon. We start to fall apart anyway, the satin ribbon is very long, about 10 metres. Finally, under it you see another satin ribbon and, like the first one, you begin to unravel it from the package. Now the public can finally see a mysterious wooden box, closed with a padlock.

From his pocket the magician takes a key and opens the lock. Inside, of course, is the spectator's watch which had previously disappeared. Everything needed to create this amazing illusion is provided: a special table made of fine wood, a handkerchief, a wooden hammer. a gift package with a bow, satin strips, a fabric bag and a wooden box with padlock. Provide detailed video instructions for performing the effect.


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